For more discussion on a variety of relevant topics, there are several articles already available and in the pipeline. Check the homepage for a list of current ones. For this page, the discussion will turn to things relevant to perpetrating personal increase and growth through the use of the most potent asset a human being has in their possession. Their mind!

The Power of the Mind

Human mental ability is limited only to what we are capable of imagining. Advances in technology, environment, habitation, transportation and health have all come from the ideas generated in the minds of people. They didn't come from anywhere else. So what is it that some people seem to have in order to come up with such ground breaking and almost miraculous ideas that the rest of humanity seems to lack?

Actually, nothing at all. We all have the same imagining capability assuming our brains are in good health and not restricted by illness or disability. The difference between the people who create life changing ideas and those who don't is simply a state of mind that is engendered by the great thinkers which everyone else fails to use. We can all imagine things and we can all create ideas in our minds. The people who have put and continue to put great ideas into the solid realm of reality simply have the personal temerity and desire to do so.

Where Does It All End?

While work continues on a more sedate scale than it did in the past, interest seems to have waned with the several alternatives that are now much more prominent. It may mean that some features will have to be amalgamated into future projects and older ones scrapped in favor of more popular ideas. It's really not such a big deal either way, but the longer that this goes on for, the less interest there seems to be. I guess that's just how it goes with the rapid advances being made in this area of late.

Be One