Mentally Engineered Health

The title of this article might get you wondering what it could possibly be all about, which is, of course, the general idea.

It conjures up images of a great mythical magician like perhaps the fabled Merlin who was supposed to have existed in the days of King Arthur in ancient England.

A magician, who had the power to alter a person's state of health with the power of his magical mind, with perhaps a flourish of a magic staff or wand to lend the deed more esoteric credibility, would certainly form an interesting mental image.

But of course we know that such magic doesn't really exist and any tricks of the mental kind are little more than that, tricks. So what could possibly be meant by the term mentally engineered health?

Mind Over Matter

looking feeling greatDuring the middle of the last century, extensive tests were carried out on large groups of people in an attempt to prove the existence of what was called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

This supernatural ability of a person's mind was believed to exist in certain individuals in a latent state, that could be brought into operation through different stimuli and mental states, such as hypnosis and meditation as well as with the use of psychotropic or hallucinogenic drugs.

Scientists believed they were on to something when some test individuals displayed an uncanny ability to correctly "guess" the markings on a card held up by a person on the other side of a screen where they had no other way of knowing what those cards displayed, except through ESP.

During those experiments, some individuals were also tested for telekinesis, or the ability to move objects solely with their minds. The tests were deemed inconclusive and to all intents and purposes shelved. However, the idea never went away and ever since then, scientists and psychic groups have been experimenting with the idea that a person can use their mental power to do things such as read minds, move objects, alter the temperature of objects or even alter the chemical composition of objects.

There have been unconfirmed claims that military departments have never stopped these tests and to this day use individuals with advanced mental abilities to "see" faraway incidents in an attempt to spy on rival military groups in other countries. More on this discussion in another article.

Mind Over Circumstance

More down to earth, at least from a scientific point of view is the growing evidence that aside from having psychic or telekinetic powers, there is far more to the abilities of the human mind than we have previously popularly believed.

I say popularly, because there are certain aspects to the ability of a person's mind that have been known about for a very long time. It is not so much the mental powers that are the focus here as the mental abilities that exist in all human beings.

While the jury is still out on our ability to move objects with our minds, there is a lot of solid, scientific evidence to suggest that we can control a lot more of how we live our lives with our minds, or more particularly our thoughts, than most people believe. There are even physical laws that govern how this can be and those laws are to do with the frequencies of the vibration of energy particles.

We live in physical bodies, but those bodies and everything else around us is made up of one entity: energy. Everything is energy, everything we see hear and touch and all the things we cannot sense with our five main senses is energy.

It was previously believed that there were but two elements in the universe, which were matter and energy. This was discovered when scientists finally discovered the atom and were able to perceive atomic structure. They noted that matter was present in atoms in the nucleus of protons and neutrons, while electrons represented the energy that made up all the rest of the "space" in each atom.

More recent advances in quantum physics has proved the existence of far more parts of each atom and has determined that rather than being composed of matter and energy, atoms are in fact made up of only energy and it is this energy that attracts to like energy in adjacent atoms to form matter as we know it. Of course, we see solid things all around us, but that's only because our eyes cannot resolve such minute detail.

But it is all energy.

Energy is everywhere and it is the one substance that is the basis of everything that exists. Energy can be changed and transmuted in an infinite number of ways but it cannot be created or destroyed. This has major ramifications for everything we have ever believed and can potentially turn our most cherished beliefs on their heads.

Waves of Mental Creation

We know that light and sound travels not in a straight line, but in waves, as do radio waves. These waves are actually vibrating energy on different frequencies. We know of the existence of these waves and have accepted their presence in the ether all around us.

What we haven't quite accepted yet is the fact that our very thoughts are also made of energy and travel in waves that also vibrate at different frequencies. But it is quite true. Thoughts can be measured by sophisticated equipment and that means they exist as waves of energy. But if that is a startling revelation if this is the first time you've heard this, then it pails into almost nothingness when you consider the possibilities.

We already know that we can create thoughts. We don't have to think about how we're going to create a thought, we just do it by thinking about something and the thought is there in our minds. Most people are creating thoughts in response to something that is going on around them, such as other peoples' conversations, what they are observing in their line of sight, what they are watching on the television or reading in a newspaper.

All these things and many more are responsible for the creation of most of our thoughts and we think about what we are seeing, hearing or experiencing in a way that is individual to ourselves. In short, we are creating thoughts that are in direct response to what we are experiencing.

But there are also those special thoughts that come out of nowhere and are not influenced by external things. These are our ideas, hunches, flashes of imagination or whatever you want to call them.

They are true creations of our minds because in contrast to those thoughts that are stimulated by external occurrences or observations, ideas are the result of mental creation. And these creations exhibit waves of vibrating energy that are measurable.

How Mind Affects Body

Because our thoughts are literally created by our brains and have substance in the same way that radio waves have measurable substance, they can affect the way our bodies operate. We know that the day to day operation of our physical bodies is controlled by what is known as the subconscious part of our minds, or that part of our minds that we do not have direct conscious control over.

It's like the autopilot part of our brains that deals with the task of keeping us alive by making sure our hearts beat at the right times, our lungs draw in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide in the right quantities, that our digestive system process the food we have eaten and eliminates the waste products we do not need. It runs our immune system which keeps invading bacteria and virus at bay and operates our self healing mechanisms when we cut ourselves or damage a muscle by lifting something hat is too heavy or awkward for us.

Our conscious mind, on the other hand is responsible for our immediate actions such as working out problems, making decisions, calculations and devising plans of action while providing us with the ability to communicate through speech and to process the sensory input that comes through our five senses into our experiences. The conscious mind is only capable of performing one or a very few different functions at the same time.

If you doubt that statement, then try to read a sentence out loud from a book while at the same time trying to add up a string of random numbers and identify the makes of cars that are passing you in the street. Most people struggle to do just two of those things at the same time. On the other hand, the subconscious mind is capable of multi-tasking hundreds or even thousands of different tasks at the same time, as running a body involves a vast number of them all at once.

The subconscious mind is similarly responsible for insuring that the cells of the body are kept at optimum health, while new cells are created to replace old ones that die. That process, like many other subconscious processes can be affected by the predominant state of mind. In other words, the state of the cells of your body can be influenced by what you are thinking on a constant level.

It is now known for certain (as it has for many hundreds of years by a small number of individuals) that the emotional stat of the mind can have a huge effect on the stat of the body's health because the mental state affects the cellular health state. There is a direct correlation between how you are feeling emotionally and how you are feeling in your physical health. And its all down to the frequency your thoughts are vibrating on.

How Emotion Affects Health

If you are feeling happy, positive, upbeat and generally in a good frame of mind, your body responds by creating more new healthy cells. Your breathing is more pronounced and more oxygen is fed to the cells of your body.

Your immune system responds to this positive state by working more efficiently to keep invading disease at bay. Your digestive system processes food more efficiently, extracts more nutrients and eliminates waste more effectively. You are putting out a positive, upbeat frequency and the cells of your body respond accordingly by expanding and growing, just as you respond to a happy moment by smiling and feeling great.

On the other hand, when you are depressed, or unhappy, negative, downbeat and generally in a bad, frustrated or angry frame of mind, fewer healthy new cells are created while more old cells die. Your breathing is shallower so less oxygen gets to the cells of your body. Your immune system is inhibited and therefore is less effective at keeping disease away.

Your digestive system is less effective, fewer nutrients are extracted from food and the elimination process suffers, leading to constipation or diarrhea. Because you are putting out a negative frequency, your body's cells are negatively affected and contract, just as you would respond to a sad event by frowning and feeling bad.

The amazing thing is that you can actually take control of this process, if you choose to. That is because you are a human being and as such are the highest form of creation on the planet. You have the mental capacity to think and to choose your thoughts. No other living creature can do this. But you can!

You may say that it is impossible to change your emotional state and it is whatever it is. But you would be wrong. You CAN change your emotional state simply by changing your thoughts.

If you are feeling angry and resentful because of a news item you just read or saw on TV, you can change that by changing your thoughts to a memory from your past that made you happy or laugh out loud. All you then need to do is hold onto that thought and don't let any other thoughts get in and in no time at all, your mood will have changed. Try it of you are skeptical. It works, it really does!

Of course, you can negate a lot of the anger and resentment, which are destructive emotions from ever getting into your head by not watching news stories on the TV or reading them in newspapers. Most news items are bad news because that's what sells more newspapers and gets more people watching the news on TV.

The worst part about bad news stories is that they make you angry and they also frustrate you because you can't do anything about them, except hold an angry conversation with the bad guy or get into an imaginary revenge fight with them in your own mind. The only person you are hurting or getting revenge on is YOU!

You can choose not to let any of those stories get into your head by simply not noticing them any more. Then you can focus your thoughts on happier things like enjoying your children playing or having fun with the family pet or just watching a funny movie on TV or reading a humorous book. The best thing for your health then is to stay happy, positive and upbeat most of the time.

I know it's not always possible to be 100 percent happy and positive, because there may be things going on your life that will get you down. But you can lapse into negativity for short burst as long as you get out of that rut as fast as you can and get back into a happy emotional state and stay there for as long as you can.

You'll find that the more you do it, the more you'll be able to do it, as practise makes perfect like with everything else. Then you too can enjoy a better level of health and vitality, that you mentally engineered all by yourself simply by thinking it into existence.

Author - Terry Didcott

Disclaimer: This article has been researched and is as accurate as possible. However, the conclusions made are solely the opinion of the author who is a professional hypnotherapist, author and student of personal growth and development practices. You are responsible for your own health and in all cases of doubt, you should consult with your doctor.

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