Personal Development

Personal development is big business these days and has been for several decades, ever since certain authors began publishing books on how this can be achieved by anyone who has a mind to go looking for the way.

It is a phenomenon that began after the Great Depression in the early part of the 20th Century that crippled many businesses in the United States as well as in many other countries around the world.

Suddenly, there was a huge need for personal services by new businesses that were rising from the ashes and the way that business was done had changed completely.

developmentThe people that got the best jobs were the ones that were the most capable of providing the expert services that these businesses required and they naturally commanded the highest salaries.

It got people to thinking about how it could be that some people could become so good at what they did, while others with equal chances and the same educational qualifications were no match for them.

The answer lie in certain individuals touching on the natural laws of the mind and developed what is now known as an "I can" attitude. They learned that by going that extra mile, they were able to out-do all others in their field and rose to the top easily and with little opposition.

What was it that they learned?

The Mental Attitude

Maybe these people didn't realize what they were using to get ahead of their peers and touched upon it more by chance than by design.

But they learned that having a positive mental attitude was a most important aspect of getting ahead in life. This is as true today as it was back then. Developing a positive metal attitude does not come so easily to everyone, but that doesn't no mean that it cannot be done.

The more you delve into the precepts of personal development, the more you will see that nothing is impossible. A determined person can and will get what they set out to get or to do.

They do it by having an overwhelming and all-encompassing desire to have or to do a thing and then they set about doing everything they can to get it. The word "failure" is not in their vocabulary! The word "impossible" is meaningless!

When Henry Ford decided he was going to build automobiles that the average family could afford and belt the world with his cars, no one would believe he could do it. People often tried to talk him out of it! He had little formal education and no capital to back up his ambition. Most people, when faced with no visible way to accomplish that scale of incredible feat would simply give up. Not Henry Ford.

He made up his mind that was what he was going to do and nothing was going to stand in his way. We all know from the history books that he was indeed successful in realizing his ambition which made him an incredibly rich and successful man.

What quality was it that he possessed that millions of other men with just as much opportunity and ability did not? He had a mental attitude that only saw success for his venture and a determined and tenacious character to see it become a reality.

If you think you can't do a thing for whatever reason, then chances are you will never do it. But if you convince yourself that you CAN do a thing, then you will do it.

It may not happen overnight or inside of a year or several. But if you have a burning desire to do or to have a thing and you have the mental attitude that does not accept that failure is an option, then it will be yours!

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