Be One

Welcome to this website. Be One is a window into one man's journey to self discovery through meditation and right thinking and the amazing improvements to life in all areas that resulted.

While many will simply dismiss this as nonsense, that's fine by me. There will be some who will embrace this incredible aspect to life that isn't taught in schools or by parents. It is learned by being interested in what makes life the way that it is and how it can be altered by an individual.

The author is not alone in this knowledge. It is actually freely available to anyone who goes looking for it. The evidence that proves its existence and its power is all around for anyone with the eyes to see. It's called Nature!

The Power of the Mind

A person's life is not mapped out by some grand design or by a set of circumstances beyond their control. A person's life can be whatever they want it to be, but only if they know how to accomplish that task.

Most do not and of those that do, few attained the knowledge until later on in life. I believe there is a reason for this and it may go some way to explaining why I didn't discover this amazing truth until I was in my late 40s.

When we're younger and are so busy fighting our way through life, we don't have the inclination to spend any of our valuable time on pursuits that can't be verified or seem intangible. The only exception there is religion, where people of all ages happily embrace the faith needed to believe in an intangible and unverifiable higher power, God or whatever name you wish to place on this power.

Yet that same enthusiasm, when placed in faith that a person has ultimate control over how their life will unfold, is simply not used by most people. It's as if there is some great "secret" to the laws of life that we are not privy to and as we are, so shall we remain.

I discovered recently that the last phrase is about as untrue as anything can be. What utter nonsense it seems now! Of course a person can rise up from their "place" in life to a better place or a better position.

If they start life poor, they can grow rich. If they start life without a formal education, they can get educated and become a highly regarded intellectual. If they start life in a small village where everyone is a miner, they don't have to grow up to be a miner. They can grow up to be a heart surgeon, or a lawyer, or an engineer or anything they set their mind to become.

A Journey Through Life

That is the essence of this journey and the fascinating knowledge that I have picked up along the way, meeting many happy, healthy people and by reading books and other websites on the subject, such as this very good one on how to achieve your creative potential here: Or looking into eternal health concepts from the physical side of things.

It doesn't stop there, because you should also learn to live a little, as you can read about here: and get an understanding about what it is to enjoy life. I have learned that I didn't have to put up with being poor or lonely or unsuccessful or unhappy. The only thing that was making my life that way was... ME!

Now I know how to change it because I did change it in every area. Life can be one long party with dancing and singing that's enjoyable because we're here to enjoy it. It's all in the mind ( and the way in which I think. Your life and the way it is lies entirely in your mind and the way you think.

Do you think you can change it to make it better?